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Type of Memory Card - Memory Stick

The Memory Stick (written as MS or MS Card) is a type of memory card created jointly by Sony and SanDisk in January 2000.
The architecture of Memory Stick cards is based on NAND flash memory circuits (EEPROM).
Memory stick memories are very small (21.5 mm x 50.0 mm x 2.8 mm), which is equivalent to the size of a small box of matches, and weigh only 4 grams.
MS Card - Memory Stick

Data can be accessed by way of an edge connector with 10 pins, for a throughput of up to 14.4 Mb/s (up to a maximum of 19.6 Mb/s).
There are two types of Memory Sticks: the "normal" Memory Stick and the "Magic Gate", which protects documents that are copyright protected.
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